Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally Blogging after 2 or 3 weeks. Well here goes.

This Saturday I woke up at 8 and did my homework and play Minions on Ice. It was fun. Then at 11 I had some religious class that ended at 2.15 pm. I watched 30 Rock with parents(my father downloaded it) and I went to tuition at 3.45 pm. The teacher was some guy that thought us algebra. The class was kinda boring. Then when I came back at 6.30 pm. I bathed I did my Malay Compo which was 6 pages long and 1059 words(avg. 180 words per page). The minimum was only 180 words. I slept around 12.30am doing the compo.

On Sunday I woke up at 7.30 when my Father was going to cycle. After he left, I started playing DIRT 2 on his PC until around 8.30 since I was going swimming and my cousin's mother was fetching Mother and I. I had my breakfast and she arrived around 9 plus and my Father arrived at 8.15. we arrived at Awi's house around 9.45. Swimming was at 11 and we all left at 10. Mother and her sister were not inside the swimming complex. While waiting for the trainer, my cousin, his sister(Namirah) and I played catching. Then when Uncle Tyson(the trainer arrived, he asked us to do 300 sit ups but I only did around 250 when he asked me to squat and stand 300 times. Around this time 3 other people came. They had to do sit ups and squatting as well. Then all of us rested for 15 minutes. We swam at 12.30 and class ended at 1.30 so we swam for about an hour. I was told to practice breaststroke only while the rest did either breaststroke or freestyle. After swimming Awi and I played with a submarine, tupperware and a ball he brought. We stopped playing at 2.30. Mother was already waiting outside with Awi's mother and Namirah. Mother tried calling me several times but my phone was inside a locker. We finished bathing around 2.45. We got our stuff in the locker. Awi's mother brought us to Northpoint to have something to eat. I had Chicken Cutlet. Then after eating, mother and i took a bus back while they drove back home. I slept on the way home. We transfered onto another bus at Pasir Ris that would take us back home. At home I related the eating part to him and I continued playing Dirt 2 and I leveled up to level 28 from 23. I also got some new items. Sadly, Icould only play untill 7.30 after which I needed to pack my back. I slept at 9.30 pm. THE END.

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